Advantage Circuits, Ltd. DC/DC Converters

Our Voltage Conversion DC/DC power supply is designed for use with Polymer- Lithium- Ion batteries (3.7V nominal).

Features of DC/DC power supply:

Designed for polymer- lithium- Ion battery voltage conversion.

3.3V-4.5V input range

5V and 12V output available

10W output

Can be placed in parallel configuration for higher output power

High efficiency- up to 92.2%

The movement of polymer- lithium- ion batteries into the market brings many product advantages such as energy density and conformability. However the direct replacement and interface into existing applications is often difficult where regulated voltages are required.

This product provides voltage conversion from the nominal polymer- lithium- ion battery (3.0V to 4.2V cell voltage) to provide regulated 5V,9V,12V, or 15V output.

The AC12060202A power supply is specially designed for parallel operation so that multiple supplies can be used to acheive the desired output power. For Example, two AC12060202A power supplies can be placed in parallel to generate a 1666 mA output at 12VDC.

DC/DC power supply DATASHEET

During order please make sure to SPECIFY WHICH VERSION you are requesting so that we may complete your order with minimum delay!

-05 DC 5V Output Maximum Supply of 2000 mA. 

-12 DC 12V Output Maximum Supply of 830 mA.

                            $25.00 each

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