Advantage Circuits, Ltd. 48V DC/DC converter

Designed for power over ethernet applications:

-300 mA output (14W)

-Low cost

-8V to 18V input voltage range

-Over voltage and surge protection for automotive

Less than 100mV ripple under full load.

The AC10040317 DC power supply is designed to convert an 8V to 18V DC input voltage to a nominal 48V- output voltage of 300mA. The AC10040317 DC power supply is ideal to power 48V equipment, such as telecommunication or networking products, from a 12V automotive battery source.

Positive Input TP1, Ground TP2

Positive output TP5, Ground TP6

Weight 0.7 ounces

Dimensions 2.375" X 1.875" X 0.750"


                                  $50.00 each

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