Advantage Circuits, Ltd. Battery chargers

The AC12050615A battery charge is designed exclusively for charging 4.2V polymer lithium- ion- battery technologies.These chargers are available in two different versions, a single cell ( 4.2V ) or two cell ( 8.4V ) configuration.

These chargers are also available as populated PCB or OEM integration.

Battery Charger Datasheet

1000 mA Fast charge capability

Low cost, Highly reliable

Deep-Discharge Battery Preconditioning

Intelligent dual mode charging

Constant Current and Constant Voltage

LED status indicators

AC11010000 charger is designed to be a full featured, highly reliable, low cost polymer-lithium-ion charger for cell capacities 1000 mAh and greater. Power is supplied by an AC-DC transformer.

             Part Number- AC12050615A-XX

XX versions- Please specify when ordering.

-01 Single Cell version for single batteries or batteries in parallel (4.2V max voltage). Maximum charge rate of 1000 mA. Requires regulated 5V DC input.

-02 Two cell version for series batteries or series/ parallel configuration (8.4V maximum voltage). Maximum charge rate of 1000 mA. Requires regulated 9V-10V DC input.

Charger PCB with alligator clip outputs

                      $20.00 each

Charger Power Supply

                            $15.00 each

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